B2B Meetings & Fairs Consulting (Full Package)

$999 / months

One of the best way to internationalisation of your brand is to be in B2B meetings and fairs. However sometimes it can be difficult to explain your brand and decide the right products to show. Our experts are here to help for your preparation from product selection and pricing to meet the right buyer ! We’re also create B2B meetings with worldwide known fashion brands.

Within the scope of B2B Meetings & Fairs Consultancy, the most suitable fair and / or B2B meeting for the brand is determined. In this context, consultancy is provided on materials that will promote the brand, products to be taken in the fair / B2B meeting and designs. In order to ensure an efficient meeting and positive experience throughout fair / B2B meeting, the brand and collections are analyzed legally and the needs are determined. Prior to the trade fair / B2B meeting, the brand’s digital strategies are evaluated and consultancy is provided for improvements. In addition to that which incentives can be used for the fair / B2B interview is reported to the brand owners. One of Brandcared employees can also be hired to participate in the fair / B2B interview.

In this package, arranging a B2B meeting or fair is not included. If you want us to create for you a B2B meeting, please ask for further information

* Minimum consulting period is 3 months.

After buying this package:

  1. We’ll send you an e-mail and ask you for provide some information in order us to examine your brand.
  2.  We’ll send you detailed consulting & business plan, consulting agreement, roadmap with our promises.
  3. Throughout our consulting service, we’ll meet physically or virtually once a month and have 1 hour consulting sessions. If you need more, you can request additional session.
  4. In consulting period, if it is necessary, we can ask you to fill some templates that we prepared for you in order to ensure your successful growth. You can ask limitless questions via e-mail or by phone and demand for feedbacks.
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