Fly Me To The Moon (Module Package)


If you’re ready to opening to the new markets,  this package is for you!

In this module we will check your brand in terms of:

  • Brand Analysis for Internationalisation
  • Preparation of Written Materials: Brand Story for the Press
  • Preparation of Blog Posts
  • International Competitor and Product Analysis
  • Privacy & Data Protection Policies Check (GDPR for EU, KVKK for Turkey and PII for USA) 
  • Replying all the questions about fashion management and advice accordingly. (15 questions / monthly)
  • Sending fashion management reports & news related to your market. (Every Sunday / monthly)

After buying this module:

  1. We’ll send you an e-mail and ask you for provide some information in order us to examine your brand.
  2. Our experts analyze your brand and contact with you if it’s necessary.
  3. After examination, in 7 business days, our experts will give you a full report with a check-list (if it’s necessary) via e-mail.
  4. After you receive your report, you’ll have 30 days to consult via an e-mail to our experts regarding your report. If you wish to have face-to-face consulting with meeting or via Skype, you can always create a demand.


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