Product Development & Concept Consulting (Full Package)

$599 / months

We understand the importance and the difficulty of making a ‘lovemark’ product. It can be challenging to find right material and concept. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you for developing an innovativeproduct in a right concept thanks to our wide manufacturer network.

In this full package, we’ll work on following subjects:

  1. Concept, collection and product analysis of the brand
  2. Competitor and Market Anaylsis regarding product and concept (Domestic & International)
  3. Developing collections combining Brand DNA and trends
  4. Interviewing with the trend expert
  5. Developing collection mathematics
  6. Researching materials and manufacturers
  7. Product development
  8. Preparing and presenting samples
  9. Developing innovative photo shoot concepts accordance with the brand and collection sprit
  10. Creating innovative presentation concepts for fairs and B2B meetings
  11. Developing and sampling packing concepts
  12. Replying all the questions product & concept and advice accordingly
  13. Sending innovative products & concepts reports & news related to your market

* Minimum consulting period is 3 months.

After buying this package:

  1. We’ll send you an e-mail and ask you for provide some information in order us to examine your brand.
  2.  We’ll send you detailed consulting & business plan, consulting agreement, roadmap with our promises.
  3. Throughout our consulting service, we’ll meet physically or virtually once a month and have 1 hour consulting sessions. If you need more, you can request additional session.
  4. In consulting period, if it is necessary, we can ask you to fill some templates that we prepared for you in order to ensure your successful growth. You can ask limitless questions via e-mail or by phone and demand for feedbacks.
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