Social Media Consulting (Full Package)

$499 / months

In today’s world, ”Content is the King!” If you don’t have a strong brand personality on digital, it is as if you aren’t exist in the market. However, it isn’t enough just to be there, but your brand needs a constant appearance with innovative ideas. Well, we’ve some for you and they are ‘lit’ as they say!

In this full package, we’ll work on following subjects:

  1. Determining social media strategy
  2. Brand positioning and presence on social media
  3. Social media management in 2 languages
  4. Creating innovative contents
  5. Increasing the awareness of products / services on social media
  6. Increasing the audience and interaction on social media
  7. Creating campaigns and give aways on social media
  8. Planning social media marketing strategies
  9. Crisis management on social media
  10. Reporting monthly social media efficiency and datas by analyzing parameters
  11. Replying all the questions social media questions and advice accordingly
  12. Sending social media reports & news related to your market

* Minimum consulting period is 3 months.

After buying this package:

  1. We’ll send you an e-mail and ask you for provide some information in order us to examine your brand.
  2.  We’ll send you detailed consulting & business plan, consulting agreement, roadmap with our promises.
  3. Throughout our consulting service, we’ll meet physically or virtually once a month and have 1 hour consulting sessions. If you need more, you can request additional session.
  4. In consulting period, if it is necessary, we can ask you to fill some templates that we prepared for you in order to ensure your successful growth. You can ask limitless questions via e-mail or by phone and demand for feedbacks.
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