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You aren’t alone while you’re developing your brand! With local and foreign business partners and fashion experts, we provide fashion management and fashion business solutions to fashion companies, fashion designers and fashion industry professionals. Our 6 consulting services are tailored to your business needs and our team always focuses on your company’s goals and profits. Also, if you need to be guided just for some topics, you can explore our 20+ modules!


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Aren’t you tired of traditional teaching methods? Well, we’re here to solve this problem! From Industry 4.0 & Fashion Training to the Sustainability & Fashion, Fashion Law Training to Developing Customer Experience Seminar, we’ve wide range of training topics. We also promise that your millennial employees will enjoy them too! 🙂


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Customer-Friendly Projects

We design bespoke projects for different purposes. If you have a brand and you’d like to be known amoung millenials, we design event projects. If you want to show your versitale vision as a brand, we develop collaboration projects.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’re eager to see what we can develop together!

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With Brandcared, we learned the dynamics of the fashion sector in Unilever Meets Fashion at Soho House. We have done case studies and competitor analysis on how detergent and fashion combine. We also carried out a workshop. We thank them for this productive work.
Şeyda Morran, Surf & New Platforms Manager
As Microsoft, we received Fashion & Tech training including Corporate Dresscodes seminar from Brandcared. We’re very pleased to recommend them.
Gökhan Tufan, Social Club Leader
We trained and received counseling by Brandcared for discovering new opportunities in fashion. We feel confident in recommending their services.
Onur Dokuzkardeşler, Co-Founder & Head Designer
We work with Brandcared within the Changing Buying Habits & Trends training and consulting sessions at Turkish Exporters’ Assembly. They provide us valuable informations and it’s our pleasure to recommend them.
Turkish Exporters' Assembly
Özlem Güneş, EU Projects Department Manager


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7 June 2019
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7 June 2019
From Brandcared
(For English & French please read below.) Brandcared olarak, dün gece TAIK Florida’nın networking etkinliğindeydik. Yeni iş bağlantıları geli...
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