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Sustainable Fashion at COP26
22 November 2021
The United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) is over, with major lessons for the fashion industry on policy change, sourcing and digital transparency. Introducing The Future...
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Collaboration Is Not Dead!
13 November 2021
Collaboration is important for the fashion industry not only for creating a new income source but also a new customer target. Even if Covid-19 hit fashion sector, collaboration...
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Paris is always a good idea!
26 September 2021
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Welcome to BALMAIN Festival! Next week we will be in Paris Fashion Week and trade shows. We can’t wait to share with you our PFW experience! One of the shows that we are...
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Brand Extension in Covid-19 Era
11 April 2021
Hop On Your LV Bicycle and Let's Ride! Brand extension is a marketing strategy where the company makes use of its existing established brand name for a new product...
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