Branding & Strategy Consulting
Are you starting your own fashion brand? Or do you want to take your existing brand to the next level? We're here to help you! Our experts will take care of every detail from positioning to strategizing your brand.
Internationalisation & Investment Consulting
They say ''Sky is the limit,'' and we believe that! If you're ready to explore foreign markets, our experts from Miami, Paris and Istanbul will develop solutions about how you can enter foreign markets in best ways. Also they will provide consultancy on how you can get an investment.
Fashion Law Consulting
Protection is the key! We ensure that you know and protect your rights. Our legal experts construct your firm’s legal infrastructure and analyze your products. We also make sure that you've strong agreements with third parties.
Product Development & Concept Consulting
We understand the importance and the difficulty of making a 'lovemark' product. It can be challenging to find right material and concept. But don't worry! We're here to help you for developing an innovative product in a right concept thanks to our wide manufacturer network.
B2B Meetings,
& Incentives
One of the best way to internationalisation of your brand is to be in B2B meetings and e-commerce market places. However sometimes it can be difficult to explain your brand and decide the right products to show. Our experts are here to help for your preparation from product selection and pricing to meet the right buyer ! We're also create B2B meetings with worldwide known fashion brands and providing consultancy on incentives.
In today's world, ''Content is the King!'' If you don't have a strong brand personality on digital, it is as if you aren't exist in the market. However, it isn't enough just to be there, but your brand needs a constant appearance with innovative ideas. Well, we've some for you and they are 'lit' as they say!

We're ready to help!

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Happy Clients
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Innovative Ideas
With Brandcared, we learned the dynamics of the fashion sector in Unilever Meets Fashion at Soho House. We have done case studies and competitor analysis on how detergent and fashion combine. We also carried out a workshop. We thank them for this productive work.
Şeyda Morran, Surf & New Platforms Manager
As Microsoft, we received Fashion & Tech training including Corporate Dresscodes seminar from Brandcared. We’re very pleased to recommend them.
Gökhan Tufan, Social Club Leader
We trained and received counseling by Brandcared for discovering new opportunities in fashion. We feel confident in recommending their services.
Onur Dokuzkardeşler, Co-Founder & Head Designer
We work with Brandcared within the Changing Buying Habits & Trends training and consulting sessions at Turkish Exporters’ Assembly. They provide us valuable informations and it’s our pleasure to recommend them.
Turkish Exporters' Assembly
Özlem Güneş, EU Projects Department Manager
Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in starting a small fashion business. How can Brandcared help me get started ?
Brandcared's Consulting Services are designed to help small, medium or large business clients establish their businesses the right way. Our team will help you from selecting the appropriate business structure based on your needs to your internationalisation process.
How does the consulting period work?
1. For knowing each other, before starting to consulting, we'll have 15 minutes meeting free of charge via Skype. We'll explain you in details our consulting process and what to expect.
2. After you purchase consulting package, we'll send you detailed consulting & business plan, consulting agreement, roadmap with our promises.
3. Throughout our consulting service, we'll meet physically or virtually once a month and have 1 hour consulting sessions. If you need more, you can request additional session.
4. In consulting period, if it is necessary, we can ask you to fill some templates that we prepared for you in order to ensure your successful growth. You can ask limitless questions via e-mail or by phone and demand for feedbacks.
How many consultant will help me?
Depending on the consulting services that you chose, at least you'll meet 4-8 experts. Besides our experts, Brandcared team will always be ready to help you.
Do you have any references?
Sure. We're proud to working with them! You can visit 'References' page for further information.
How long should we work together?
For reaching the intended results, we advice to work at least 1 year together.
I don't need all consulting services. Can I choose only one topic?
Sure. We provide Modules for those who want to be guided for only a few subjects. You can take a look our Modules.