Entering US Market Consulting

We are here to develop your brand in US and business plan with our experts.
We offer mainly;
1. Brand X-Ray (Analyzing Brand DNA/Persona, Mission & Vision, Branding)
2. Brand Positioning fo US market
3. Re-Branding for US market
4. Developing Brand’s Business Plan, Road Map and Targets for US market
5. Essential Analysis for Brand (SWOT / PEST, Boston Matrix) for US market
6. Competitor and Market Anaylsis for US market
7. Legal Analysis of the Brand and Developing Legal Strategies for US market
8. Creating Pricing and Discount Strategies for US market
9. Customer Experience Development Strategies for US market
10. Deciding entering point for US Market: Pop-up Stores, E-Commerce, Fairs, Special Events
11. Photo Shooting and Styling Concepts for US market
12. Incentives Strategies for Entering US Market
13. Replying all the questions about entering US market, strategy and advice accordingly.
14. Sending branding & strategy reports & news related to your market.
15. Brand final analysis and future forecasts (At the end of consultancy period with Brandcared)
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Meeting Session
Before starting to consulting, we request from you to fulfill the application form in the below in order to understand your needs. Our experts will contact you and explain in details our consulting process and what to expect.
Start Consulting
After choose you purchase consulting package, we'll send you detailed consulting & business plan, consulting agreement, roadmap with our promises.
Scheduling Meetings
Throughout our consulting service, we'll send you to-do list every week and we'll meet physically or virtually once a month and have 1 hour consulting sessions. If you need more, you can request additional session.
Consulting Period
In consulting period, if it is necessary, we can ask you to fill some templates that we prepared for you in order to ensure your successful growth. You can ask limitless questions via e-mail or by phone and demand for feedbacks.

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