Fashion brands are building the future of fashion now in the Metaverse.

Future is Now

  • With the Facebook’s rebranding as Meta, we all realize that we are entering a brand new era that includes Web 3.0 and Metaverse. With e-sports skins, avatars’ digital clothing, 3D garments, blockchain systems and NFTs, fashion is ready to be reborn in the Metaverse! Fashion and art industries have already started to implement blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT and virtual clothing market into their Metaverse business as first-movers.
  • Thanks to Metaverse, fashion and beauty industries have now chance to connect and engage with their customers more deeply and creatively. Fashion brands’ Metaverse strategies are crucial in order to create new values and unique experiences for the new generation customers. Metaverse can create a culture, a community for the brands that long for. However, it is important for brands to strategize their phygitalization movement. Since the total addressable market for digital fashion is estimated to value $31 billion, in order to stand out, fashion and beauty brands should develop partnerships and co-create their brands in Metaverse with targets and roadmap.

What We Do?

  • A well-tailored roadmap and strategies for the Metaverse can help fashion and beauty brands last forever in the digital. The crypto fashion and Metaverse fashion are here to stay.
  • As Brandcared we help the fashion and beauty industries to enter the Metaverse with different digital assets and tools. We match the brand’s DNA with the best possible Metaverse projects which can be multiple forms.
  • We create Metaverse events for brands’ communities and NFT projects from A to Z. We combine digital, Metaverse and physical events, concerts with VR and other tech solutions in order to reach brand’s customers in an omnichannel manner. We design virtual influencers and avatars for reaching younger customers and enabling them to engage with the brand.
  • We help our customers to build and design their Metaverse lands & Metaverse stores connected with e-commerce and to buy and sell virtual real estate across the Metaverse platforms. We provide Metaverse property development and management services from A to Z including renting, selling, buying, finding a rental and marketing the brand’s Metaverse properties.
  • We offer our expertise to increase customer engagement, brand awareness, brand value and brands’ e-commerce sales in the Metaverse, therefore in the ‘physical universe’.

Metaverse & NFT Consultancy Content;

  1. Brand X-Ray (Brand DNA/Persona, Mission & Vision, Branding)
  2. Digital X-Ray (Analyzing Brand’s Digital Assets & Technologies with its roadmap)
  3. Brand Metaverse Positioning and Strategies
  4. Brand Metaverse Experience Design & Customer Engagement Strategies
  5. Brand’s Metaverse Community Management
  6. Brand’s Metaverse Social Media Management
  7. Creating Brand’s NFTs, Purpose, Roadmap and Launching Strategies (including physical events)
  8. Metaverse & NFT Business Canvas Developing
  9. Fashion NFT Collection Positioning in the Market
  10.  Developing Brand’s Cryptoeconomic Business Plan, Road Map and Targets
  11. Essential Analysis for Brand NFT Collections (SWOT / PEST, Boston Matrix)
  12. Competitor and Market Anaylsis (Domestic & International)
  13. Legal Analysis of the Brand’s Metaverse and Fashion NFT Products
  14. Customer Experience Development Strategies for Selling NFT Collections
  15. Preparation of Written Materials: NFT Collection of the Brand
  16. Brand Metaverse & NFT Performance Analysis and Future Forecasts
  17. Replying All the Questions about Metaverse, NFT, Cryptocurrency Branding, Strategy and Advice Accordingly
  18. Sending Metaverse and NFT Branding & Strategy Reports & News
Let's go to the Metaverse!