Hop On Your LV Bicycle and Let’s Ride!

Brand extension is a marketing strategy where the company makes use of its existing established brand name for a new product category.

  • Brands can extend their business through new collaborations, new products and stretch their “target groups” by using new pricing strategies.
  • Brand extension can help the brand to express their lifestyle vision into other categories and can be a great option for improving the brand’s turnover.

Recently @louisvuitton extended their lifestyle category by collaborating Urs Fischer, Swiss conceptual artist. Fischer has reinterpreted LV’s iconic monogram pattern for a capsule collection.

LV has decided to extend this collaboration to a bicycle design. Only 25 LV x Urs Fischer bicycles have produced and each sold at €22.000.

Photo credits: Louis Vuitton

How to extend your brand by using “Covid-19 trends”?

Well, @iamwill found a great way. Will.i.am developed a new face mask called @xupermask by in partnership with Honeywell, a company that’s well-versed in personal protective equipment and air purifiers.

The designer of the supermask is Jose Fernandez (@ironhead_studio), who designed some of the most iconic superheroes for Hollywood like Batman and Spider-Man, spacesuits for the crew of Falcon 9 rocket, and, costumes for Daft Punk!


The Xupermask has LED lights and noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds that magnetically dock on the mask when not in use. The mask has dual 3-speed fans for ventilation. It is replaceable HEPA filters that can be swapped out every 30 days.

Xupermask will be available on sale April 8 on xupermask.com for US$299.



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Photo & video credits: Xupermask