E-Sports, But Make It Fashion!

With the pandemic, the growth of e-sports has been positively affected and the global market of online games has grown rapidly.

According to Kantar research, almost 90% of #GenZ are gamers and they have a purchasing power of around $44 billion. This means, fashion is also all in! But how?

  • Nike signed 4-year sponsorship agreement with the players in Chinese League of Legends Pro League.
  • Adidas signed sponsorship agreement with different e-sports teams and collaborated with gamer Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja, to launch a special sports shoe. According to Forbes’ estimates, @ninja who broadcast live for 12 hours playing games like @fortnite, earned around $ 17 million in 2019.
  • Puma signed multiyear sponsorhip agreement with @cloud9gg e-sports team and launched ‘Active Gaming Footwear’ category with $110 sneakers.

  • Moschino collaborated with @thesims 4 and designed $10 collection for the characters in the play.
  • Valentino@marcjacobs and @prada, designed ‘downloadable clothes’ for the characters in @animalcrossing_official
  • Louis Vuitton collaborated with @leagueoflegends (LoL) tournament and designed players outfit & tournament’s cup. At the same time LV x Lol Archlight collection was launched for the people in the ‘real world’!
  • Gucci launched a mobile game called Arcade, collaborated with an e-sports team called @fnatic and with their partnership, Gucci launched limited-edition watch collection for $1.600.
  • Balenciaga, launched a video game called Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow for presenting Fall 2021 collection.
  • Cosmetic giant MAC  launched a special lipstick collection for Honor of Kings game.



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Statistics and Strategy: $1.1 Billion Market

Esports market size is surpassing many traditional sports in terms of revenue. According to Newzoo research, globally, the industry hit $1.1bn in revenue in 2020. Most of the revenue (58 percent) is forecast to come from sponsorships.
And of course fashion is important parts of the sponsorship games!

Video credit: #fnaticxgucci , Photo credit: Newzoo, Statista


We want to play a game!


 100 Thieves, a lifestyle brand and gaming organization based in Los Angeles, has raised $35 million in funding for its esports club, content business, and its apparel business.

The third round of funding also includes a new investment from Aglaé Ventures, the technology investment firm of Groupe Arnault, controlling shareholder of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH).

As Brandcared, we also help fashion industry players to collaborate with new rising sectors’ actors. Within our investment management and project department in US, we provide businesses our services to step up their game.


Photo credit: 100 Thieves