Gucci Believes in Crypto-Future

Digital trends are changing the future of fashion. The latest hypes in this trend are now blockchain, #NFT and cryptocurrencies. They are leading a new way and Gucci fall for it!

Gucci partnered with Belarus-based fashion-tech company @wannakicks for debuting AR sneakers. The semi-NFT sneakers designed by Alessandro Michele made available for purchase for just $11.99 USD virtually.

Users will be able to wear their virtual sneakers on a variety of other digital spaces and game avatars such as Roblox.

LVMH Approves: Meet VeChain!

VeChain has developed a Blockchain based ecosystem to enable business collaboration by sharing information and value in a trust-free environment.

With its technology, VeChain has chosen to La Maison des Startups and the jury of the 12th edition of the LVMH Innovation Award also gave a special mention to them.

VeChain was founded in 2015 by Sunny Lu, the former chief information officer (CIO) of Louis Vuitton China.

VeChain creates a digital profile for each product and lets the product tell its story. Anyone can then leverage the strength of the Blockchain technology to verify product authenticity. They have the ability to establish effective interaction with brands at their fingertips. Most recent use cases include traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

VeChain has also partnered with H&M, Renault, BMW, PWC. If you believe VeChain’s technology, you can invest their tokens ($VET and $VTHO) through cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as

As Brandcared, we offer consultancy and we develop projects on how to be a part of NFTs and crypto world with your fashion brand. The future of digital for fashion is already here.




Photo & video credits: Gucci, LVMH, The Verge, VeChain