Gen Z is the new moderator of fashion. Behavior of young consumers are shaping how brands are communicating with their clients. With Instagram being at the height of the social media strategy in fashion, TikTok is coming in with a blast.

Using hashtag challenges, many brands in the fashion and beauty industry are generating billions of views via the TikTok app. The mobile video platform which is used to create entertaining video content inspired by hashtags and pop-culture themes, is recently on the radar of the fashion industry. With 40% of the audience being among ages 16-24, TikTok is having a moment for connecting to the younger consumers. Having videos that are shorter than 60 seconds, TikTok is a powerful tool to give clear and concise messages to the target customers.

Brands like Ralph Lauren, M.A.C Cosmetics and Uniqlo have jumped into the hyped social media app developed by the Chinese tech giant Bytedance which is valued at $75 billion!