The United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) is over, with major lessons for the fashion industry on policy change, sourcing and digital transparency.

Introducing The Future of Fashion: Vegan Leather from Us, Regenerative Cotton from Turkey

  • At #COP26, Stella McCartney joined political leaders and activists in Glasgow to make her case about sustainable fashion by collaborating innovative companies as @boltthreads and @_soktas_
  • During the conference, McCartney unveiled an exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, dubbed “Future of Fashion.”
  • McCartney showcased Frayme Mylo™️ bag which is crafted from a vegan leather alternative made from mushroom roots in collaboration with Bolt Threads.
  • In the exhibition McCartney introduced also SÖKTAŞ’s regenerative cotton project in red suit designs done in collaboration with LVMH.
B for Burberry’s Biodiversity

  • COP26, Burberry partnered with the British Fashion Council (@britishfashioncouncil) and the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland Campaign to showcase the UK’s commitment to climate action through fashion innovation.
  • Featuring a Burberry installation inspired by the brand’s outerwear collection, the event was attended by the UK Government and media, with a special address from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and HRH Prince Charles.
  • Burberry also stated it will take action to “protect, restore and regenerate nature” as it builds on its climate positive commitment with a new biodiversity strategy unveiled at COP26.



Degrowth is the New Black!
  • At the COP26, The United Nations Environment Program released a new version of the fashion charter initially created in with 130 signatory companies. LVMH has signed it for the first time and expressed stronger commitments to halve carbon emissions by 2030.
  • Another point underlined was the clothing production volume which was doubled in the first 15 years of this century even if the number of times a garment was worn before being thrown away decreased 36%.
  • According to New York Times, Ralph Lauren, revealed during a New York Times Climate Hub panel that the brand had been trying degrowth strategies.
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Photo credits: Stellla McCartney, COP26, Burberry