As we all know, to be on Amazon as a seller means reaching global customers. But what about the fashion side of the Amazon? Is it profitable enough?

Amazon Opened Its Platform to Small Designer Brands

  • Small-medium-sized fashion brands in the UK now have the opportunity to sell their designs on Amazon Fashion Local Label Hub.
  • The Amazon Fashion x London Fashion Week digital storefront’s purpose was to help local British designers during this challenging pandemic.
  • Also, Amazon is planning a new project called “Amazon Fashion Connects” to create a place that could introduce young designers around Europe.
  • Amazon is not only collaborated with the UK for the first time but also with CFDA to support independent American designers affected by the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.
  • Moreover, Amazon made donations to many fashion foundations around Europe, such as Institut Français de la Mode in France and Camera Della Moda Italiana‘s in Italy, to support the brand financially and provide students scholarships.
  • As a result, can we conclude that Amazon wants to enter and be the power of the fashion world?

Amazon Fashion Sales Statistics 

According to Danziger (2020), Amazon’s 87% of retail sales are from fashion listing.Even if Amazon does not report its fashion sales, it is estimated that with 30$ Billion sales, Amazon will become a pioneer in apparel retail. According to Statista;

*58,9% of the reason people shop from Amazon is easy to find the website,

*49,4% good/cheap delivery,

*47.9% is customers’ opinion that Amazon is offering a good price,

*44.4% broad availability in stocks,

*42.4% extensive choice of brands,

and the other reasons are amazon offers the lowest price, collections are up to date, and others with a low percentage.
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As we all know, to be on Amazon as a seller means reaching global customers. Amazon services are crucial for growing income and business.
For example Amazon Prime program is on the rise and the platform have now more than 200 million subscribers. According to Bank of America survey, Prime members spent $1,968 per year on Amazon on average, roughly four times as much as the non-Prime shoppers surveyed.
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Photo credits: Amazon Fashion, Quartz, Amazon, Statista, WWD