The Mills Fabrica, a landmark platform for advanced sustainable innovations opened its doors in London’s King’s Cross. The Mills Fabrica encompasses Fabrica X, not only an experiential concept store and innovation gallery for sustainable brands, but also a tech lab for prototyping, a powerful start-up incubation programme dedicated to sustainability.

As Brandcared, with Fabrica X we talked about the future of sustainable fashion with the brands in the hub and had a B2B meeting for the brands in our portfolio. Here’s our favorite picks from well-curated Fabrica X innovator brands showcases:

Bolt Threads Consortium: Stella McCarney, adidas, lululemon, Kering

As we mentioned in our previous post, leading biotechnology company Bolt Threads (@boltthreads) has launched Mylo (@mylo_unleather), a sustainable and vegan leather alternative out of mycelium (as in mushrooms) that looks and feels like leather. Bolt Threads announced consortium with adidas, Kering, lululemon, and Stella McCartney, who will each be bringing Mylo products to consumers starting in 2021. With this consortium, these major brands has secured exclusive access to Mylo.

All the pieces of this special collection showcased at Fabrica X London! Activewear suit by Stella McCartney, Yoga Mat & Bag by lululemon, Stan Smith Sneakers by adidas are perfect examples for the versatile usage of Mylo material.





We Met with Colorifix’s Magical Microorganisms!

Colorifix is a biotechnology company that has developed the first entirely biological process to produce, deposit and fix pigments onto textiles. Colorifix source and replicate true colors from nature via DNA sequencing to make a pigment and engineers microorganisms. Colorifix is founded to fix the dyeing industry.

As we may all remember, in 2018 Colorifix collaborated with Stella McCartney for dyeing a blue dress.


Mud Silk by Noir: 2,500 year old Chinese technique for Sustainability
We learned that Mud Silk technique which dates to the fifth century can shift the ‘made in China’ image in a sustainable way. Mud silk discovered when Hakka fishermen observed their nets, treated with yarn juice to prevent rotting turned black over prolonged contact with the iron-rich river mud. Applied to indigenous silk, the cloth became known as xiang yun sha which means ”perfumed cloud clothing”.
Noir Handmade is applying this mud silk technique in their collections combining with minimal and sustainable designs. The versatile  jacket design was one of our favorites in the showroom!
The Future of Sustainable Snekares: Hylo Athletics & Waes


Hylo Athletics believes the future of sport needs radical change in terms of sustainability. That’s why they intent to reinvent sneakers with caring about environmental footprint. By choosing natural materials and localizing supply chains Hylo is able to make a pair of shoes with a carbon footprint equal to 7.83kg CO2.







Waes is the world’s first and only plastic-free footwear company. Waes offers an alternative to waste issues caused by the annual production of more than 20 billion pairs of plastic-based shoes. Waes are the producers of the world’s first zero plastic eco-trainers, vegan sneakers and sustainable shoes.







Last But Definitely Not Least: Modern Synthesis 

Modern Synthesis is a biomaterial innovation company developing radical and regenerative material solutions for the fashion indsutry. In FabricaX we discovered the patent pending microbial waving technique developed by Modern Synthesis for a sneaker. Modern Synthesis is connecting the dots between biology, material science and design. Start-up’s founder Jen Keane has also invited to Creative Residency Program at Bolt Threads.

Let’s discover more with Gabriele:


The Future is Already Here!


The future is here and we invite you to be a part of it. As Brandcared we are helping business to achieve their sustainability goals in the international platforms and to do better not only for their brands but also for the World. 

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*P.S. This chair in the Fabrica X’s showroom was made from recycled and melted CDs!



Photo credits: FabricaX, Brandcared